Is there any cost to attend the EMERGE program?
Selected participants for EMERGE will receive a travel grant to cover the cost of travel, lodging and meals for the duration of the visit. However, students are responsible for any costs incurred to and from their local airport.

Is applying for EMERGE and applying to a graduate program at the University of Michigan the same?
No, applying for EMERGE is not an official graduate admissions application.

Can I apply for EMERGE if I have not yet officially applied to a graduate program at the University of Michigan?
Yes, in fact most prospective students attending the EMERGE weekend will use the experience to decide if they should apply to Michigan.

If I don’t get accepted for EMERGE does that mean I cannot apply to graduate school at the University of Michigan or that I am not qualified for graduate studies at the University?
If you are not selected for EMERGE, it does not mean that you will not be eligible for graduate studies at Michigan.

What if I want to schedule appointments with specific faculty members during my visit?
The departmental visit portion of the day will allow students an opportunity to meet faculty.